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Objectives of PBL

The main objective of the PBL, as of any methodology, is improving the learning of our students. The difference is in what we get to improve exactly with the PBL. Let us refer to Bloom's Taxonomy [Bloom 1969], which represents the cognitive levels that students can achieve with learning.

In the classical methodologies, the first levels are developed. With the PBL, we try to climb a few steps in the taxonomy, shifting the center of the learning of memory knowledge to the application of knowledge.

In addition to this general objective, we have other more specific objectives:

  • Integrate knowledge and skills from various areas through more complex and multidisciplinary projects
  • Autonomous learning and work: unstructured problems that need research. Autonomy will lead to research and the search for information, and in that context is essential to develop their ability to discern which information is reliable and which is not.
  • Teamwork: preparing students for a social environment
  • Self-evaluation and self-criticism, against self-complacency, trying to see beyond their own ideas and knowledge.

    Vídeo 2: Cognitive levels and ABP: Bloom's taxonomy (own elaboration from the work of [Bloom 1969]).


Bloom, Benjaman S. 1969. Taxonomy of Educational Objectives: The Classification of Educational Goals. Place of publication not identified: Prentice Hall.